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"Commerce? It is very simple. It is the money of other people".
Alexander Dumas, Son

"Only sale brings money, all remaining costs(stands) of money...".

"Produce the one which you can sell instead of trying to sell that which you can produce".
Aram Hayrapetyan

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Chromatography - Commercial Value

Do you want a hundred percent market?
It sometimes happens that we cease to pay for the item needed and begin to pay for the loud name of the firm.

I offer some other deal.
Buy the technology only and keep the name to you.

The new basic technology resolves all!

The essence of the new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography - is the provision of the optional conditions of the analysis by keeping unchanged the linear rate of an imaginary point - the zone of the sample moved in time by the carrier-gas from the inlet to the outlet of the chromatographic column, p constant at its ends during the whole cycle of the analysis, which leads to the attainment of maximum possible efficiency of the column (Hayrapetyan's Effect).

The chromatographic apparatus by its functional purpose may be subdivided into several groups:
  • Devices for standard analyses;
  • Universal chromatographs;
  • Devices of special significance.

The universal chromatographs are the most widely used types of the chromatographic equipment. According to information sources, their production makes up more that 90% of the whole quantity of chromatographic equipments.
However, taking into account that the modern chromatographs of the leading firms include a large number of modifications, from which it is practically possible to make up an equipment of any special purpose, the proposed new technology of chromatography - Chromabarography will be low but not less than 50% of the quantity in demand.

In laboratory practice mainly packed columns are used. The length of contemporary packed columns may reach to 10-20 m and even higher. Most frequently columns 3 m long are used. In most gas-chromatographic methods (80-90%) mixtures containing not more than 15 components undergo separation. The mean analysis time is about 30 minutes.

For comparison, the average of a chromatographic column is from 100 to 1000$. If we take into account that in case of using Chromabarography the mean length of the column is reduced at least by 1/3 on account of providing the optional linear rate and attaining the maximum efficiency of the column, then it is not difficult to count the economy of means from a single serial column in "American rubles".
And how many such columns, and the more expensive ones. And the reduction:

  • of analysis time;
  • of power expenses;
  • the possibility of using thermally unstable liquid phases, "sewn" on the solid support.

Supply of any type of chromatographic equipment in a serial production with supplementary parts is not linked with expenses and difficulties, and service does not require especial knowledge.
The percentage of improved product will be increased.
As similar Chromabarographs do not exist in the whole world, demands will be significantly high.
Profit and circulation from sale of the equipment will be increased on account of high demands on world market, and following the first publications concerning this theme, may be unpredictably high.

Having in disposition data about production capacities and material expenses for elaboration and the working out of the Chromabarograph, it is not difficult to count the real income!

First of all do not forget to look through Research Interests section.

P. S.

T h e   a n a l y s i s   a n d   e s t i m a t i o n
of conjuncture information and patent situation provide a basis to confirm that
Chromabarography is the newest technology of XXI century
presenting not only a scientific, but also a commercial value for an increase

in the  E X P O R T  of the product.


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