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Quintessential of Chromabarography

The factors of diffusion and kinetics affecting the attainment of the maximum efficiency of the chromatographic column were investigated. The result for the first time in the world a new technology of chromatography was proposed, based on the pressure gradient movement along the column, performing the function pressure-location-time - Chromabarography.
(Russia patent "Chromatograph of A. S. Hayrapetyan").

The essence of the new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography is the provision of the optimal conditions of the analysis by keeping unchanged the linear rate of an imaginary point - the zone of the sample moved in time by the carrier-gas from the inlet to the outlet of the chromatographic column, p being kept constant at its ends during the whole cycle of the analysis, by which a maximum column efficiency (Hayrapetyan's Effect) is attained.

The commonly useful advantages of Chromabarography are obvious first of all for scientific investigations in studying the state of various solid supports and stationary phases for the separation of multicomponent mixtures with a wide range of boiling points.

In laboratory practice mainly packed columns are used. The length of contemporary packed columns may reach to 10 - 20 m and even higher. Most frequently columns 3 m long are used. In most gas-chromatographic methods (80-90%) mixtures containing not more than 15 components undergo separation. The mean analysis time is about 30 minutes.

For comparison, the average of a chromatographic column is from 100 to 1000$. If we take info account that in case of using Chromabarography the mean length of the column is reduced at least by 1/3 on account of providing the optional linear rate and attaining the maximum effectivety of the column, then it is not difficult to count the economy of means from a single serial column in "American rubles".
And how many such columns, and the more expensive ones. And the reduction:

  • of analysis time;

  • of power expenses;

  • the possibility of using thermally unstable liquid phases, "sewn" on the solid support.

The economic effect of the chromatograph is determined mainly from the viewpoint of analytical control. By expert's evaluation the annual effect of 1 equipment varies from thousands to hundred thousands rubles (dollars), giving a compensation period from several days to several months for an average price of an equipment.

Expenses, income and expectable profiles using the new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography can be more exactly counted by the real starting data.

The essence of other patentable technical solutions - inventions, developing the basic technology, is not described as they are not patented.
Their patenting only in Armenia is not expedient for the following reasons:

  • appearance of earlier publications, which is equivalent to transmission of information about technology without any compensation;

  • absence of manufacturers and mass consumers of chromatographic equipments in the country;

  • absence of logical sense for buying Armenian patent in view of its extremely limited territorial and economic influence on analytical devices market by the use of new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography.

Consequently nobody buys them at the sum which one could get from European and/or patents of USA, Japan and other developed countries.

But there are no sufficient means to get patents of these countries.
For information: the procedure of patenting in USA only lasts 2(two) years and demands a sum of 8.000-30.000 American "rubles"!

However versions may be considered for the Export of a new basic technology Chromatography - Chromabarography.
On the basis of the contract and/or the license agreements to carry out the joint patenting of the new technical solutions of the basic technology - Chromabarography, and before getting patents in the developed countries, t r a n s m i t :

  • patentable technical solutions;

  • patent-owner's right;

  • author's right;


  • ENGINEERING and others.

At the beginning of XXI century the newest basic technology of chromatography is Chromabarography, that provides its flight, and retardation at the beginning is baneful not only in sport, but in science and economics as well.

P. S.

C h r o m a b a r o g r a p h y - A new gush in chromatography.
The only thing that matters is time, time and once again time.
You cannot create time, you need to have time to see opportunities in time!

Chromatography is on the threshold of changes
The offensive goes on!

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